2016 Mission | Lodi

2016 Mission | Lodi

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VARIETAL: 100% Mission

VINEYARD: Somers Vineyard


ALCOHOL: 13.3%


WINEMAKER’S NOTES: The reason our winemaker, Chris Brockway moved out to California was to work with older California plantings. Mission is the first cultivated grape here in California and also goes by the names Listan Negra and Pais. This is our first time making wine from Mission grapes, and we are very excited about it. Spanish missionaries planted the grapes in California to make sacramental, table and fortified wines. This wine was made using carbonic maceration and then aged for 6 months. We also decided to make a fortified angelica wine from the 2016 Mission grapes, and we hope to release it by the end of the year. Enjoy this taste of California history!

VITICULTURAL AREA: The age of the vineyard is unknown, but we are certain it is at least 60+ years old. These old vines grow in Lodi beside a river. The soil consists of sand and gravel. It is dry farmed.

All of our wines are made naturally, meaning no use of inoculated yeasts or bacteria. We use only native yeast to spark fermentation. We do not add any powdered tannins or enzymes. A minimal dose of S02 is added 4 weeks before bottling to some wines.

There must be a person 21 or older present at the time of delivery. 

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2016 Mission | Lodi
2016 Mission | Lodi
2016 Mission | Lodi